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Sunday, June 22, 2014


Dark and rainy here all day. No complaints from me--Texas always needs the rain and we're grateful. Perfect day for desk work, which I did, and a nap. Made myself ham salad (I usually keep a thick slice of ham in the fridge) and accompanied it with leftover potato salad from Jacob's birthday. I'd made it according to the recipe from County Line BBQ, which you can easily find online. It calls for a whole lot of dill pickle relish--don't blink, be bold. The result is worth it. But the recipe will feed Cox's army (20?) so halve it except it extraordinary circumstances. After lunch, I went back to work for a while, and decided this dreary day called for breakfast for supper--scrambled eggs and bacon.
I went to sleep in a dark and dreary world  and woke to a bright sunny one. Somehow, scrambled eggs didn't seem quite right.
I decided I'd have creamed tuna. Now when I get a craving, very little distracts me. Not even the fact that I had no noodles and no milk for a white sauce. Chicken broth was frozen and I didn't feel like thawing just a bit. But I always have white wine on hand--so there was my sauce--melted about a Tbsp. of butter, sautéed a chopped scallion in it, added a Tbsp. of flour and, slowly, about a cup of wine. Then I threw in salt and pepper, a good pinch of thyme, and some frozen green peas. Finally added a small can of tuna. Served it on rye toast and there was dinner. Delicious.
I know some people cringe at the thought of creamed anything, but I like those dishes--even creamed chipped beef if it's made right. And in this case the wine makes an enormous difference. And there was hardly any cleanup left to do. I also use a healthy bit of wine in tuna casserole.
I forgot, as usual, to take a picture, so here are the leftovers in the skillet.
One point: I use really good, wild-caught tuna. Although tonight was a different brand, I usually use tuna (and salmon) from the Pisces Cannery in Oregon. Email me for contact information (it's more expensive than grocery store tuna) but don't order all the salmon! Save some for me.

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