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Sunday, May 12, 2013

A quick appetizers moms should love

This will be brief, because thoughts about Mothers Day, my mom, and my children are rattling around in my brain, and I'll post them later on Judy's Stew. But I'm having a good Mother's Day weekend--yesterday Jamie and his three girls (that includes my lovely DIL Melanie) came for an early supper between Maddie's basketball games in a tournament--she was wiped out but the rest of us had a good time. And I was, as always, delighted to see them. When the girls were little I saw more of them but now they are both so busy with activities and school and friends, there's precious little time.
Today I go to Jordan's for a gathering with Christian's family. It's pot-luck and I'll take an appetizer. His dad doesn't eat anything with onions; his sister is a vegetarian; he doesn't like mushroom or artichokes. There went some of my standard recipes.
So I made a Taco dip--taco seasoning in mayo, sour cream and buttermilk, but I made my own taco seasoning thereby avoiding the sodium in the packaged kind--and forgetting the doctor said I need sodium. It made a huge amount of dip. Then I made a ranch dip from scratch--recipe sounded good but I neglected to figure out that it would barely make 3/4 cup. Guess it will balance out.
Anyway, for my recipe of the week, here's one that I just had last week and I love. Thanks to Linda Preston who got this from her friend Judy Coats.

You'll need:
One log plain goat cheese
Wasabi paste
toasted sesame seeds
Soy sauce

Split the goat cheese horizontally and drizzle the bottom half with wasabi paste in sort of an "S" pattern, then put the other half of the log back in place. Roll in toasted sesame seeds (watch them carefully--I often have to toast them twice because I don't just stand there and watch every minute). Refrigerate. Just before serving, douse with soy.

Nice with rice thins or rice crackers.

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