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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Supper on the porch

This morning when I got up it was dark and the heavens were opening. Lots of thunder but no lightning. All set for a dreary day inside. But by late afternoon, the sun had come out, the temperature was just right, and it wasn't as muggy as you might have expected. A friend and I had dinner on the porch.
I served a simple tuna salad--radicchio, canellini beans, and my good albacore tuna from the cannery in Oregon, with a parsley vinaigrette. It came from Bon Appetit, so you can google it. I discovered that what i suspected is true--I don't much like radicchio, too bitter, but surely colorful in this salad. My friend said she'd try it with arugula.
But my exciting discovery that was better than sliced bread was zucchini crisps. Wash and slice a zucchini--I used a small zucchini but next time I'll use a larger one--the tiny slices were hard to deal with. Dip the slices in milk and then a mixture of equal parts dry bread crumbs and Parmesan, with a bit of salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Put them on a greased rack over a cookie sheet and bake at 425 for 30 minutes. They turn golden brown and crisp, though they shrivel a little. Absolutely delicious. I have another zucchini left and may just do that for my own supper one night soon.
Last year, we had no spring. It went from too cold to too hot for the porch overnight. This year, I've enjoyed entertaining on the porch so much. Even the traffic on my relatively busy street doesn't bother me. Sometimes I sit out there with a book but end up staring at the trees. After this morning's rain, everything is lush and green. Texas at its best.


  1. I enjoy reading your blogs so much. Just wanted to tell you that. Your food sounds so good. I came from a small town where I had lots of friends. here in Fort Worth I havent any close friends and I miss that so much. But reading about yours it sounds so nice.

  2. Thanks, Elaine. I'm glad you enjoy the posts. Do try the zucchini. How long have you been in Fort Worth. Long enough to make friends? I know you're interested in writing, and there are several writers' groups in the area. You might look for them on Google--DFW Writers Workshop and others.