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Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day

Potluck with Judy was absent last night--due to a great Christmas celebration. All I would have said, had I posted, was brie, spanikopita, cornichons, capers, pumpernickel bread shapes--the guest who was bringing smoked salmon and marscopone forgot it but we had all the accommpaniments. Then on to two turkeys--one smoked, one fried--mashed potatoes, tons of gravy, mac and cheese with truffle oil, green bean casserole (with sour cream, not the traditional), a dressing from Christopher Cook's The New Best Recipes that included fresh sage, and lots of wine of all kinds, including champagne. Two apple pies and a rum cake--Jacob had two helpings! Lots of laughter and stories and fun. Christmas as it should be.

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