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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Kake Kreations

Thinking back to my first baking experience, it must have been the summer of 1971 when my best friend came over with one goal: strawberry cupcakes. Moist, pink cake puffed up in paper cups, and we waited anxiously to frost them with soft, pink strawberry-flavored frosting. For years afterward I continued to bake: chocolate chip cookies, cakes, various pastries, pies and elaborately decorated sugar cookies. But cupcakes remained tucked in a special place in my heart. Those tiny individual cakes are magical; a private treat portioned for one, not enough to share—just large enough to encourage a whimsy of delicious selfishness.

 Years passed and I hung up my apron along with my desire to open a bakery. Recently, a friend and co-worker—an avid baker and fellow cupcake enthusiast—told me about a delightful store just down the street from our office called Kake Kreations.

 “Go,” she told me.

 “But I don’t bake anymore,” I said, reflecting back to my youthful afternoons when I’d arrive home from school and whip out a batch of gooey Tollhouse cookies.

 “Go,” she commanded. So I went. If there ever was a heaven for bakers and lovers of all things sweet it’s located on Sherman Way in Canoga Park, California.

 Kake Kreations is more than a bakery supply store. Sure, they have a plethora of cookie cutters, a wide variety of cupcake cups and more sprinkles than you can shake a can of frosting at but they have so much more. If you’re baking a wedding cake they have everything from custom cake mixes in canisters, chilled frostings, and cake toppers as well as pedestal cake stands, cupcake stands, every size, shape and type of bakery box you can imagine, birthday candles and fabulous novelty toppers including sparkler candles and tiny beer can shaped birthday candles—obviously for an adult party. Kake Kreations also stocks candy supplies including more types of molds than I have ever seen gathered together in one place. If you need an edible image you can order it at their store. If the special creation you’re making requires a lot of pre-made sugar mini-flowers to decorate the edge of a wedding cake have no fear as they have plenty.

 Let’s face it; nothing makes a house smell better than the aroma of baking: cakes, cookies, bread, and muffins. That’s why realtors pop a quick batch of cookies in the oven just before an open house. They want it to smell like an open home. Kake Kreations not only supplies the necessary items, they also encourage the aspiration for one to be a creative baker. A designer of delectable delights if you will. The photo of the cupcakes were made by my friend and inside each delicious pumpkin flavored mini cake was a candy: some contained a Rollo, some a mini Three Musketeers, others a soft, caramel. All softened just enough by the baking process to still be recognizable in a gooey sort of way.

So, if you’re in the area stop by Kake Kreations. If you’re too far away you can visit and shop via their website at:

Loni Emmert has spent the past twenty-six years working in the music industry and writing press releases and magazine articles before returning to her passion:  fiction writing. Among her work is the futuristic Isadora DayStar (available on Smashwords & Kindle), cozies Button Hollow Chronicles #1: The Leaf Peeper Murders and Lights! Camera! Murder! She is currently working on her first thriller. Website:

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  1. Ummm, I can smell the sugar from here! This place looks astonishing! Great post--I have my own memories of baking life past and it reminded me how fun it can be! Yum!